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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Crook of God's Arm

Currently I'm working on recording all of the parts to a song that will be premiered on recital hour this Thursday. The piece is called "The Crook of God's Arm," based on a poem that a friend of mine wrote. It was composed for soprano solo, cello quartet, and humming chorus, and this would be perfect if only my school had a cello quartet. So I have resolved to recording me singing the parts acapella as a backing track for the soloist.

Thursday, the soprano (the ever-so-talented and lovely Regina Brown) will sing the main vocal part over a recording that will somewhat resemble the following clip: [link] <-- work in progress*

And just to give you some idea of the lyrics and what the main solo part will sound like, I've also recorded a runthrough of me singing the soprano part down an octave: [link]

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things to come

I thought this would be a good first post for my travel photography section,

This past summer, I went to northern India to study Tibetan Buddhism and to teach English and computer skills to some of the refugees staying in Dharamsala. I have yet to post many photos from this trip, so you're in for a bit of a treat, I guess lol.

Some unsung TF footage

This is a clip that I never really shared, but it was the first of a couple tests Fairfield Studios and Perennial Media did prepping for the "Monologue" music video (featured at the bottom of this page)

While I'm here, I might as well tell you a bit about my band, since this will be my first post concerning it. Tetrafusion is the name. There are four of us, as the name might imply, and they are as follows: JC Bryant on drums (his blog can be found here - http://drumtalker.blogspot.com), Mark Michell on Bass, Brooks Tarkington on Guitar, and myself playing keyboards and singing.

If you've never been introduced to progressive rock, it might be a bit difficult explaining it, so it's always easiest to just to listen. Aside from the aforementioned music video, you can always stop by our facebook page.

An Improvised Meditation

The following video is an improvisation on a melody used in a set of Hebrew blessings I wrote this semester. It's based on the fourth melodic minor mode, known by plenty of names but most consistently as Aeolian Dominant. This scale is built by taking the traditional minor scale and raising the third, effectively making it major. The name comes from the fact that the mode in its natural form has a major third, perfect fifth, and dominant seven and is derived from the natural minor mode. It has a distinctly mediterranean sound, and when played slowly, can be quite meditative. Check it out:

Beauty in Motion

Three of the things I love the most: music, art, and video, all wrapped up in one VERY inspirational package. You'll really love this one --> [link]

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, the life of a student

Sometimes I really wonder if I did the right thing, getting a degree instead of pursuing my dreams right out of the gate. I wonder if college will better prepare me for life as a musician, or just make me feel like I've run out of gas once I'm actually on the road...

lol its not all that horrible, I just dont want to read this psychology, so I'm doing anything and everything I can to avoid it :P

Just some info about me

So since this will be my first post, I thought I might put up some info about myself :D

I'm a 20-year-old student in music theory and composition. I play piano...a lot! And if it's possible, I sing even more. I'm in about 4 or 5 choirs right now, and I absolutely love it. Music and art have always been a huge part of who I am. I started matching pitches when I was a baby, but I never developed perfect "fixed" pitch. That said, I love to sing barbershop, early music, and jazz. I was playing piano since I could reach the keys, officially on lessons since I was 4, and I've never stopped since; there's always room to grow, to learn more, and I try to take as many opportunities as I can to learn from other musicians and other artists. 

That segues into another big thing about me, and that is that I love meeting new people. Everyone has their own story and their own unique outlook on life. That thought definitely spills over into the arts - you don't have to be the best at your craft to have a great way of approaching it. As I have said in countless "about me" sections on different sites, there's just WAY too much to say in one post, on one page. We're all immensely multi-dimensional people, and one of the joys in life is getting to know the inner workings of those around us, so I hope that in the posts that will follow this one, I will give you a small glimpse at that stuff that makes me who I am. 


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