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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Crook of God's Arm

Currently I'm working on recording all of the parts to a song that will be premiered on recital hour this Thursday. The piece is called "The Crook of God's Arm," based on a poem that a friend of mine wrote. It was composed for soprano solo, cello quartet, and humming chorus, and this would be perfect if only my school had a cello quartet. So I have resolved to recording me singing the parts acapella as a backing track for the soloist.

Thursday, the soprano (the ever-so-talented and lovely Regina Brown) will sing the main vocal part over a recording that will somewhat resemble the following clip: [link] <-- work in progress*

And just to give you some idea of the lyrics and what the main solo part will sound like, I've also recorded a runthrough of me singing the soprano part down an octave: [link]

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